Make your first request

Getting started

The guide below explains in detail how you can make your first request to the proxy-endpoints. Just follow the steps.

Create an account

Firstly you have to signup and create an account. Now you are able to create an API-Key and to subscribe to a pre-defined or custom plan.

Subscribe to a plan

Choose a plan. Go to your dashboard and select a pre-defined or custom plan. After subscribing you are able to make requests to every endpoint. But keep in mind, only 100 requests per hour are possible.

Generate an API-Key

Generate an API-Key. This key is an unique and personal identifier to authorize every request you will make to the endpoints. But without subscribing to a pre-defined or custom plan you will only get a 401 (not autorized) response or an empty object.

Make your first request

Congratulations. Now you are able to use all proxies and endpoints. Just begin to fetch all proxies.

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All releases and changes of the proxy-API.

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