The ghostealth-API is REST-ing. So the API was developed around REST and has reliable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response- and individual response-codes to report about errors. Furthermore the API supports cross-origin resource sharing and allows you in this way to interact securely with each endpoint from a client-side web application. Each request will return a JSON-formatted response.

How to getting started quickly?

To use the given proxy-endpoints you have to go through three small steps: sign up; subscribe to a plan; create an API-Key; make a request.


By requesting our proxy-endpoints you will get different responses. Some of the responses include special characters or misleading words. In this case, the definitions will help to understand.

Response- and errorcodes

Every request ends in a response. Some positive, other negative. To understand the returning response-code we will give you an short overview.

How to get an API-Key?

An API-Key is important to authenticate and identify every request you make. The mentioned guide below explains in detail how you can get an API-Key for using our proxy-endpoints.


Most endpoints can be modified by optionals. The mentioned guide below will explain all details about optionals.


The usage of our proxy-endpoints is free. But of course, there are some limitations in calling the endpoints. The mentioned guide below will explain it more in detail.

Overview of endpoints

  • Name
  • Explanation
    • Get proxy
    • Returns one group or family of a proxy and all the given IP-addresses.

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Datacenter proxies

Overview about datacenter proxies.

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All releases and changes of the proxy-API.


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