Transparent, fair and customizable

Weekly or Monthly pricing

Beginners, advcanced, professionals or experts. For every need at least one plan.
  • Concurrent connections

    Value of concurrent threads
  • Bandwidth

    Value of consumable data
  • Proxy-Pool

    Number of unique proxies
  • Proxy-Formats

    Format of proxies
  • Proxy-Level

    Anonymity of proxies
  • GS-CXN 100

    For beginners
    • 100
    • unlimited
    • 50.000+
    • HTTP and SOCKS5
    • elite
  • GS-CXN 200

    For advanced
    • 200
    • unlimited
    • 50.000+
    • HTTP and SOCKS5
    • elite
  • GS-CXN 500

    For professionals
    • 500
    • unlimited
    • 50.000+
    • HTTP and SOCKS5
    • elite
  • GS-CXN 1000

    For experts
    • 1000
    • unlimited
    • 50.000+
    • HTTP and SOCKS5
    • elite

No plan fits your needs?

No problem - configurate a custom-plan!

Our dynamic subscription model allows you to choose exactly what you need. We aim to meet all the needs of our customers. Our rotating proxies can be used on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, you have the ability to determine the amount of proxy usage you need by setting the number of concurrent connections you require, down to the smallest detail.

Select a billingcycle


Select number of concurrent connections

200 / 2000

Select number of IP-Slots (i.e. whitelists)

2 / 10

Still hesitant?

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elite proxies

60 minutes for free

Get 60 minutes for free

We understand that every project needs different proxies. To make sure our rotating proxies work for you, we offer everyone a free trial before purchase. You can decide yourself which plan you want to test.
  • Completely free of charge
  • Elite Datacenter proxies
  • Easy setup
  • No paymentmethod needed

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