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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Technical questions

  • What are rotating proxies?

    A rotating proxy is a proxy server that assigns a new IP address from the proxy pool with each request. After purchase you get a list of proxies with the format IP:PORT. When you connect to a proxy from the list, the proxy connects to an IP from the pool of IPs on the backend, then the IP will do the request. So you do not need to change the list you get in your software. We are handling all the work in the background for you, while you can use the same list of proxies.
  • What are threads / concurrent connections?

    A thread defines the number of concurrent connections you can have. The higher the number of threads, the faster is the task you perform.
  • How often do the proxies rotate?

    Our proxies are rotating with each request.
  • How much IP addresses can be whitelisted?

    Each subscription comes with one IP address you can use our service with. But you can buy up to 10 more "IP-Slots" in case you need more than one ip address at a time.
  • What type of authentication do you use?

    Our proxies are authenticated by IP address (ipv4 only). Before you can use our rotating proxies you need to "whitelist" your ip in our dashboard. This process only takes seconds. After your IP address is "whitelisted" you can use our proxies entirely.
  • What is the proxy protocol?

    You can choose between socks4/5 or HTTP/s.
  • Can I choose my proxy location?

    We do offer a worldmix, europe mix & United-States proxies
  • Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?

    We do not limit our service in bandwidth. You can consume as much bandwidth your tasks need.
  • How big is the proxy pool?

    The proxy pool-has constantly up to 50.000+ proxies. In the background, the proxy-pool gets updated regularly. So old proxies are filtered out and new ones are added.
  • What would happen if I reach limit of Threads?

    Our system is designed so that upon reaching the determined limit of threads, extra threads are refused connection, i.e., if your thread limit is 500 threads and you have 550 threads, 500 threads will remain working, and 50 threads will get a connection error.
  • How can I see the amount of streams/traffic that I use?

    The “Dashboard” page displays the full information about the traffic and streams that you use.
  • How can I see the amount of streams/traffic that I use?

    The “Dashboard” page displays the full information about the traffic and streams that you use.
  • Can I have a trial of your proxies?

    You can request a trial of our proxies on our homepage. Just register and follow the process. The trial-request will be checked within 24 hours. If it is approved you can redeem your trial whenever you would like to start & use our proxies for full 60 minutes fo free.

General questions

  • What payments methods are avaiable?

    Credit card and cryptocurrency.
  • Do you offer refunds?

    All purchases are final, we only offer refunds in special occasions(ToS). By buying our products, you automatically agree to our Terms of Service. You can always ask for a trial, to make sure the proxies are working for your target.

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