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Become an

Join our community and become and Ghostealth affiliate partner. Bring the most powerful and reliable proxies to your contacts, users or customers and benefit equally with us. As a reward for your participation, we will give you 20% commission for each successful purchase of a referred customer and up to $150 for only one transaction. Let us grow our businesses together.

Step by Step in 5 minutes

How it works

Bring our reliable proxies to your customers, contacts or users and benefit equally with us. Help us grow our business and get your share. All you have to do is follow these few steps, which can be completed in a matter of minutes.
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    Sign up & join the program

    Register on our homepage and join the affiliate program. This process is completely free and takes only a few minutes.
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    Promote Ghostealth

    Use your unique affiliate link to promote Ghostealth. You can share it on platforms of your choice to acquire potential clients.
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    Earn Commission

    All you have to do is wait for your earnings. We will give you a commission for each sale on our website, from your acquired client.

Fair & transparent rewards

How to get rewarded

Your commission
per user
  • Up to 150$ for every referral
  • Payouts can be requested at any time
  • 20% commission and 5% for recurring payments
  • No cost to become an affiliate
  • The application takes only a few minutes

10% Discount

By the way - your referred customers will also get a lifetime 10% discount.

Recurring commissions

By joining our affiliate program, you have an amazing earning potential.

Not only we pay a commision for referring a potential customer once, we also have a recurring commision for each purchase a referred customer does.

To receive your money we offer the most popular and easiest payment method, Paypal. After you have requested a withdrawal, you will receive your commission within 24 hours.

We will give you a 20% commission when the referred customer makes a purchase and 5% for every recurring payment. With one order you can earn up to 150$.

Become an affiliate-partner

Ways of promote our proxies

Our affiliate program can be used by anyone who has a certain range of people they can reach. We have designed our program in such a way that everyone - even beginners - understands directly what needs to be done. We accept embedded links in social media posts, blogs, emails, Discord and much more. Our experience in the past has shown that promoting our service directly on Discord has brought the most success.

However, when advertising our service, you should always pay attention to our terms of service.
  • Social-Media

    Share your referral-link on facebook, instagram, pinterest an more.
  • Blog-Posts

    Share your referral-link inside your qualified and proxy-related blog-posts.
  • Websites

    Share your referral-link on your high-quality and proxy-related website.
  • Email-Marketing

    Share your referral-link inside your proxy-related marketing-emails.
  • Discord or other groups

    Share your referral-link in your proxy-related discord-groups.

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