About the affiliate-program

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General questions

  • Why should I use your affiliate program?

    Our affiliate program gives you the unique opportunity to earn passive money. If a customer is acquired through your affiliate link, you earn money for the first purchase and also for every single recurring payment. Once you have acquired a customer, you earn money again and again until he/she stops his/her subscription.
  • How much can I earn?

    If you have referred a customer with your affiliate link, you earn 20% of the total order value and 10% of the value for every single recurring payment.
  • How to start and who is it for?

    You can start directly by registering on our site and submitting the affiliate application. The affiliate program is for everyone who is able to promote our service while respecting our terms.
  • When do I get paid and what forms of payment do you use?

    With our affiliate program you can withdraw your money whenever you have at least $50 in your balance. After the withdrawal request, on of our employee will check and approve the withdrawal. This process takes less than an hour. After that the amount will be transferred to your Paypal account.
  • Do I need a homepage before I can promote your service?

    To advertise our service, you do not need your own homepage. However, we highly recommend that you read our terms of service thoroughly before starting.
  • How do I get the affiliate-link?

    Your personal, unique affiliate link is available for you directly after the registration. You can copy or edit the affiliate-link at any time in your dashboard.
  • How do I know if someone used my affiliate-link?

    Once a customer clicks on your link, our system does everything automatically for you. A user, entering Ghostealth website using your affiliate link will receive a browser cookie for a duration of 30 days. All the information (Clicks, Purchases etc.) will be available for you on your dashboard. So you can see at any time whether your advertising strategy is successful or not.

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