Returns a proxy with addresses

Get a proxy

The 'get proxy'-Endpoint returns one proxy-group with all the addresses (IP:PORT or DOMAIN:PORT) grouped within. Keep in mind, to use this endpoint you will need an ID of a proxy-group. You can get this ID by calling the get proxies endpoint first.



    • Request-Type
    • GET
    • Header
    • Accept: application/json
    • Paginated
    • No
    • Optinal-Limit
    • 1

That is a object

  • Fieldname
  • Type
  • Description
    • id
    • Integer
    • The id-field is a unique identifier of the proxy-object. Necessary for other endpoints.
    • name
    • String
    • The name-field describes the proxy-group or proxy-family.
    • type
    • String
    • The type-field returns a type of a proxy. In most cases ROTATING or STATIC.
    • format
    • String
    • The format-field returns the format of the proxy. Tipycally can be: HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5.
    • location
    • String
    • The location-field returns the continental location of the proxy.
    • items
    • Object[]
    • The items-field returns a List of IP:PORT or DOMAIN:PORT combination - e.g. proxies.
      • address
      • String
      • The address-field returns a IP:PORT or DOMAIN:PORT combination - e.g. the proxy.
      • host
      • String
      • The host-field returns the ip - e.g. the host - where the address is located.
      • port
      • Integer
      • The port-field returns the port of the address.

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Endpoint for getting all families and groups of proxies.

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JSON-Response of endpoint

The response included multiple proxy-objects. Illustrated is only one object.
  • id:
  • name:
    World Proxy-Pool
  • type:
  • format:
  • location:
  • items:
    • address:
    • host:
    • port:
    more items hidden

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